Rear View Camera System

Rear View System

In the present time Rear View Cameras are becoming more and more popular for standard safety in new cars and can be installed in old cars too. Rear View Cameras don’t only save your money but also save lives by giving drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles. This device makes drivers more aware for children and small in their vicinity.

These cameras play a very important role in our life as they maintain your control and visibility. Whenever you drive any vehicle you can keep your eye on what is behind you. You can see everything in front of your windscreen. This device also gives safety from your vehicle damage. Here are some vehicle safety points that will make you know how Rear View System protects your vehicle from any damage:


Parking is a common issue in these days. Parking lots while trying to back your vehicle out of a tight spot is a biggest damage. Parking in busy streets is also a headache. With the use of Rear View Camera you can protect your vehicle against backing into or even just grazing other vehicles.

Kids and Pets Safety:
Kids and pets safety is one of the best benefits of using car rear view camera. Kids are small and mostly pets also sit on the ground. When you back your vehicle mostly children and pets remain out of view. But Rear view camera will directly show you that what is behind your vehicle.

Many times we have been in situation where the car in front of us needs to back because of huge traffic. It s terrifying wondering if the car in front of you is going to tap your bumper or you re going to hit the car behind you. Backup cameras make this fine-tuned backing up an easy and stress-free process.

Rear View Camera not only protect us from injury or death but also safe your vehicle from damage and those around you. They help you whenever you need to judge the distance between you and others cars and objects.

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What is Speed Governor?

A Speed Governor is a type of device which is used to control the speed of any vehicle. Its main function is to limit the speed of any engine to decrease the vehicle speed to the pre-specified value. High speed of vehicles can be a caused of a great risk and also can be a reason of serious injury for anyone. That is why Speed Governor is used to secure people from these unexpected errors.

Types of Speed Governor

There are various types of speed governors available which is used with different vehicles. Following are the list of some of them you should know about.

1.       Variable Speed Governor

Vehicle Speed Governor or Variable Speed Governor is a product by MSG’s R&D, required for multiple speed adjustments in the same product from different cities or highways etc and programmed on the basis of speed limit specified by the government. Using VSG (Variable Speed Governor) gives you various advantages like:

·         You don’t need to pay any monthly charges.

·         It is suitable for all passengers and also for commercial vehicles.

·         It has automatic switching of maximum speed limit that is based on vehicle location.

·         You can smoothly change your vehicle speed without any vehicle jerks

2.       Electronic  Speed Governor

Electronic Speed governor is based on electronic unit which is used to maintain the vehicle speed at the preset speed. According to a survey India is on the top in the list of nations where highest death’s reason is road accident for that this device is the solution for us to control this ratio and make the life secure and safe.

Electronic Speed Governor gives a variety of benefits to the fleet owners, passengers and drivers such as:

·         Fuel Efficiency is increased

·         By avoiding over-speed you will get better safety of all types of road users

·         Original Efficiency is improved

·         By reducing strain on engines, it increases the life of engines.

3.       Adaptive Speed Governor

Adaptive speed governor is a kind of electronic speed governor which is structured on the basis of speed limit specified for specific areas like Airport, Industrial Area, Factories and construction areas etc.


Speed governor has become a very important and useful tool in today’s time where road accidents number is increasing day by day. This is used for trucks, school buses and other heavy vehicles to improve road safety. This device can limit the vehicle speed that is why it is improving vehicle efficiency and road safety.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems and its Role in present time

The GPS Global positioning systems have become very popular in all vehicles at present time and are even a basic feature in smart phones. These live GPS tracker devices can be used in many ways which you cannot even imagine. With the use of GPS systems the businesses have become very efficient. This technology is used to manage big or small scale fleets. This technology is not only useful for businessmen but also for families who take advantage of the GPS tracker devices. By using this device families can monitor their children or elder and satisfy their tracking needs.

If you are using the GPS tracking system you can tell anyone where all your vehicles are at any time and can also give the information to anyone about their daily activity which is really very good. A GPS tracking system can be used in a vehicle or on a mobile phone or on some special GPS devices, which can be fixed or portable unit.

Best GPS vehicle tracking Device

If you are looking for a good live GPS vehicle tracking device I would suggest you to go with SONIK GPS Systems. SONIK provides intelligent GPS solutions to its customers. By using its modern and intelligent GPS services you can reduce your fuel cost and asset management. It works with the aim of providing its customers with a complete tracking service that enhance their business without burning hole in their pockets.

Sonik GPS system provides its services completely free for first year. It gives its services in all over the world i.e. Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Canada, South Africa, USA etc. GPS system is also useful for companies to monitor the way and progress of products delivery and by parents to monitor the location of their child or even to monitor high-valued assets in transit.

A GPS tracking systems have various ways to work. They are commonly used to track the position of vehicles as they make their journeys. GPS system is of two types passive tracking which store the data within GPS tracking system itself. Second is active tracking system which sends the information or data to a centralized database through a modem within the GPS system unit on a daily basis.


The GPS vehicle tracking systems are not using by only personal or commercial users but also by the military. There are numerous government sectors who are applying this system to their regular operations.  It has made its mark in all over the world without any doubt.

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